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Like Tonight - Lyrics

Mar. 17th, 2011 | 03:58 pm

I don't need you to tell me I'm fine, to tell me I'm alright...
And I don't need you holding my hand through the sleepless night.
I know one day I will move on because Ive got my own light...
Please dont turn around...
I dont want you to see me crying.
I lied. oh.

I need you more, more than youll ever know x2
Its so much easier to need your love when your gone
with you here, its so hard not to act strong, yeah.
Like tonight, Like tonight....
I cant remember the last time that i was this in love,
yes I just said love... Its never enough, enough...
So wont you just let me feel how i do feel 
even if if gets tough.
because youve played along this far,
oh you have played along from the start..
and Im tired.... oh.
I need you more, more than youll ever know x2
Its so much easier to need your love when your gone
with you here, its so hard not to act strong, yeah.

As Im drivin away from the streets of your house
Ill be leaving these memories behind
Im alright, yeah....
I need you more, more than youll ever know x4
Its so much easier to need your love when your gone
with you here, its so hard not to act strong, yeah.
Like tonight, like tonight........................

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Like Tonight

Jan. 17th, 2011 | 04:29 pm

LISTEN NOW @ www.myspace.com/cadentmusic

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Aug. 22nd, 2009 | 01:23 am
location: San jose
mood: pissed offpissed off
music: Parkway Drive


I don't know how people live with themselves.

1. someone whos daughter tries to commit suicide and now is a 160 lb vegetable has the fucking
nerve to show up at a downtown fesival, enjoying himself, while she sits in a hospital bed dreaming of being molested by her neighbor/ "Great friend of the family" and how her FAMILY is so FUCKING SICK as to cover it all up and pretend nothing ever happend.
2&3.     a. One person who calls herself someones "best friend" yet does absolutely nothing to be one to the other half of this friendship. Who goes behind the others back and manipulates people to hang out with her just so she can get more attention and have +1 friend on myspace. Someone who askes their best friend, "are you in love with him?" yet is being picked up by him to makeout, while the other sits and wonders if hes thinking about her.
             b. Someone who can be driven around and introduced to family and friends, to sleep with a girl and yet to call her a stuck up bitch, when all she ever did was be extremely down to earth and caring to this person. A person who thinks of himself as "intelegent" yet copies off of everyone elses ideas. Someone who tries to conserve, yet drives a fucking 30,000 dollar car... minimalism? dont get me started.
4. Someone who says he is ENLIGHTEND, yet puts people down and tries to CONTROL and be RIGHT ALL THE TIME.
5. A person who wont stand up for their best friend just because they havent been "touched" by the opposite sex for a while and finds the person ATTACKING their friend attractive.
6. PEOPLE WHO THINK HOMOSEXUALITY IS A SIN. WTF? anyway, who the fuck are you to tell other people how to live their lives.
7. I met a guy today who says that Sadam Husein shoulve been left alone... left to torture innocent women and children for NO GOD DAMN REASON. and that, EVEN in the haulocaust there was some good that Hitler  did for germany.... HAHA. WOW. (i ended up leaving that room REAL quick )
8. A Dumb slut who drinks and fucks her way into people's lives.
9. a person who believes in their herritage more than they believe in themselves and what is ACTUALLY right.
10. liars.

i feel like I am one of the  RIGHT-est people on this planet, and anyone who wont like me, is capable of things but not limited to (i could go till number 3892083920183921) the things listed above.


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Old, Still Me.

Aug. 5th, 2009 | 11:57 pm
location: Everywhere
mood: determineddetermined
music: City And Colour

I just want to say before i start that i am so thankful for my band mates. you guys are best life time friends i could've ever asked for! You guys have bassically watched me grow up; go through friends, heartbreak, and helped with issues at home. I dont think i will ever be able to thank all of you enough for everything, even though you guys probably dont think it was a big deal, now that i look back, it means  everythinggg to me. And i dont think i would be the same nichole if i didnt have you all. So as many of you know, I am in a band... Some of you might have seen us play some shows around san jose when we were a cover band, probably the one at Santana Row. Well if you did, it was a pretty long time ago, its been like a year or something now. (We've been in creative hybernation, i like to call it..) But anyway, I've been finding more and more about myself and my passion for music in the past year that i have been away from performing than i did in the seven years i was performing as a singer in my last band. I was given freedom, heartache, and a room to mess up. It was the best thing ever, I came out with this beautiful urge to do this. When i first started writing songs for this band, i felt all wrong.  i didnt know wether to talk about me, my life, my love, my family, other people, make up scenarios, i didnt know what the fuck to do. I think that deep down i knew that the only reason i would even get my ass up to go to practice every week was because my father would be dissapointed and ashamed of me. Maybe he wouldve regretted of all the work he did to create a name for me in the bay area if i didnt do anything with music after quitting his band. I might have even at one point thought about choosing something else as a career. I just felt like everyone had always pushed me to do something i didnt want to do.. Except that wasnt it at all! The problem was that nobody ever left me the fuck alone long enough for me to : want to *want* to do this. idfk if that makes any sense at all.. if it does, awesome because that is the only way i can describe it. I mean when i was  fifteen and in my last band and someone came up to me and was like "so nichole, why do you love to sing? youre great, its so lovely the way your parents are so supportive"  I probably wouldve made something up like "well its just something great and i love it" with my "cheerleader voice" and my "im such a GOOD KID" look, but honestly in my head be thinking "I dont fucking know, cuz my parents set this shit up for me and i just do it cuz its easy and i know im good at it..?" getting shit from my dad, mom and fellow musicians in that band like, "YOU NEED TO WORK ON YOUR STAGE PRESENSE, AND YOU NEED TO DO THSANDT HATANDT HISANDTHAT ANDBLAHBLAHB LA H BLAH!!!!" I was 12 and doing three four hour shows a month, in barsclubs, festivals, parties,  with grown ups, no time to explore, no freedom to express, no people to talk to that could understand. I dont even know how i feel about the way i was trained for the stage. If i feel upset because i was never able to have my own band and maybe its too late to "make it", That i didnt even know who sublime was, and never picked up a metal cd until the age 16?! NO FREEDOM, but...then again...  am i greatful to have played with extremely talented musicians for the seven years i did!? Creating a stage-fright free Nichole, and a powerhouse voice i know i can always rely on?? To have played many places and have supportive parents???I really dont know how i feel.. Many people that i knew, like friends at school and stuff didnt even know about my singing.. I dont know why i never would talk about it. I might have been ashamed or too scared of people thinking i was conceded. But then i was given time... you know that prase, "you dont know what youve go till its gone " ? well, my story goes a little something like that, only i am glad i i was able to almost lose this or else i wouldnt be so happy that i have it. I have always had a band to count on, music has always been something steady in my life, although i was always looking for distractions, boys, and other things.. but then i started to realize this, that when all was gone, my band would still be there, waiting for Nichole to get motivated to start putting in her whole effort. But one day everything was gone, and my band wasnt practicing as often.. I felt like my WHOLE life was falling apart. I got scared and jealous of every girl singer on MTV. I started to do what i was supposed to, write down my thoughts, my everything, on paper. Music became everything. Now i am anxious as fucking ever to finnish these songs, record and album, and create fans and go on tour. look out for us :))

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New Track

Aug. 5th, 2009 | 11:49 pm
location: Home Now
mood: creativecreative
music: Rise Against

"The Cause" is on MYSPACE !

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All the way...

Jun. 8th, 2009 | 12:00 am
mood: rushedrushed
music: Brand New Eyes

Things are starting to feel unreachable. work. I'm caught between two personalities. I think, "what would a person of normality need to be doing right about now," and then I catch myself. I am not that kind of person. I have one thing that makes me different from anyone and succeeding in this is going to be the only thing that can make me happy. I hate that people can look at me, take a few words from my mouth and now I've become predictable. I don't want people to know anything about me, not what i would say or do. I want people to hear my music and that's that. I want people to see me and just wonder. mouth shut, ears open, mind RUNNING.

please just poor these lyrics out of me and have another track on my record.

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